Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not Charity or Pity, But a Mutual Respect.

"It's so much more powerful when it's a group." - Eddie Vedder

Just Sayin': Mismatch.

When you have blonde hair, a black Sharpie is not the correct utensil to use to do your eyebrows... Just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Wedding M.O.

I am notorious for going to weddings and not taking a single picture. (And for always ending the night on the dance floor with a full bottle of champagne, dancing like a little kid.)

At least I have friends that take pictures... Thanks Plastic!

The Cali ladies with one Chicagoan and one Austinite. It's been a while since the we've all been together. 

P.S. Realizing that I have a go to dress... A solid shift dress. This one is a little more "toga-ish" in the words of some drunk friends but I still loved it. And the green color was fun when I "disappeared" on the green screen for the flip books. 


God damn Parenthood.... Gets me every time. If you don't watch it, do yourself a favor and get on it.