Friday, March 29, 2013

Just Can't Do It.

So do you remember or know of those items that everyone has them? When I was in college it was the LV print bags, Tiffany's mesh ring, and the Juicy sweat suits to name a few. When something becomes that big, I can't get the item regardless of how much I actually like it. For the record, I never got any of the aforementioned items (I only actually liked the Tiffany mesh ring).

These boots by Steve Madden are the prime examples of one of those items.

They are so simple and beautiful that every girl I know has them. So, of course, I could not get them. It's silly and stupid, but I just can't do it.

So I found these beauties on sale from StyleMint and instantly fell in love.

So excited! I have been looking for a classic style similar to the Steve Maddens for a few years. I hope these babies are as pretty in person as they are online...

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