Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A little experiment that I have been thinking of. Haven't been posting on here much because life has been crazy, leaving me little time to spend on the world wide web.

However, one night when one of my dear friends, Adam, and I were hanging out we started perusing music videos and discussed how much of our childhood was spent listening to music and, upon the establishment of MTV and then TRL, watching music videos. For myself, it was before school when I was getting ready, after school when I hanging out with friends.

It wasn't until a trip to Europe where they have Rouge TV - a channel dedicated to music videos 24/7, think MTV2 before all of the MTV reality shows took it over - that I realized how much I missed the creative part of watching what the artist and the art director wanted to express. Hell, there were event awards for these things. [Sidenote: Does anyone else think it is blasphemy that MTV still offers Music Video Awards but does not play music videos?!?]

So I digress... Here is my experiment: A music video a day. Some picked for their music, some picked for their video, and everything on the spectrum in between. Just one a day. Not much time out of the day, but time well spent in my opinion.

If you are not a music and/or music video person, feel free to not hit play. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Here is #1... A jam that I love and a video that makes me want to be BFFs with its fashion director.

Mapei >>> "Don't Wait"

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