Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Tutu Project.

We are going to get a little personal here. I, like every human being, have been affected by cancer. I lost my aunt to breast cancer and I miss her everyday. Multiple members of my family, including myself, have been lucky enough to catch it early and beat it. The "C" word is something that many people will deal with at some point in their life but we are all afraid of it. The mention of it makes everyone act different around the person with it. No one quite knows what to do.

One man, Bob Carey, reacted in a total unique manner and created The Tutu Project when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He started taking pictures of himself in random settings in a pink tutu to make her smile. A man willing to wear only a pink tutu in public... Now that is a man, and that is love!

He is hoping to publish a book titled Ballerina of the photos. Profits from the sale of the book will go directly to breast cancer organizations. However, the book is going to be self-published and Bob needs help raising $75,000 to publish. You can support the publication by donating, following The Tutu Project on FB, or by passing on the word. In the words of another cancer organization - F&^% Cancer!


  1. I saw this news report not too long ago and ADORE this man! I was cracking up at his lack of pride and love for his wife! Seriously an amazing man :)

  2. I love this guy! Such a great project for such a great cause! Hope you are enjoying your new city...SD is gray and gloomy - as to be expected in June!

  3. It is hot as heck over here. And humid. I am not used to the humidity. I miss SD and the lack of humidity... and the California Burritos... and In N Out... and the beach... Hell I just miss SD. Tell it I said Hi :)