Friday, March 30, 2012


Gypsies. Travellers. Pikeys. Whatever you want to call them. The most PC term is Travellers, hence the title of this post. We know I am always the most PC person (again, insert sarcastic font.)

Have you heard of this group? Travellers are a group of Irish people who decided to live a nomadic life and have developed their own traditions and language. Have you ever seen Snatch? Brad Pitt is a cast as Mickey, a traveller, in that movie.

This group is real. J and I experienced them at the Creamfields festival this year. It's true that you can't understand a thing they say and that they have their own customs and manners (or lack thereof). Most attendees of Creamfields camp in a nearby field (the festival takes place in the fields between Manchester and Liverpool). And as true of most English festivals, it poured and the entire festival became a mud pit. I was cut almost every time when waiting in the que for the restroom. Then, me being me, would try to say something and their responses were unintelligible.

They also have their own style. The girls are always wearing TONS of makeup, fake eyelashes, and light pink lipstick. In fact, they love everything pink. And they wear tutus. Even at 7am in the morning - they have it all on. I was the only woman who I saw not wearing makeup at any point during the three-day festival.

TLC has introduced American to this culture with the show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. The show focuses on the young brides in their culture. In fact, most women are pulled out of school before high-school and expected to take care of their family until they get married. They are usually married by age 20. And the weddings are ridiculous...

Example A:

Example B:

The second season of the show debuts tonight on TLC. You should watch it - check out this foreign culture. Let me know what you think...


  1. Soooo....basically 'my big fat tacky wedding' but instead we are going to pretend this is culture. Mmmhm.

  2. Oh, yeah, I've actually seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding before here in Spain, haha. I find it really funny that, after all, gypsy weddings in Britain and gypsie weddings in Spain look exactly the same! I guess gypsy tackiness is global :P

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  3. Scary thing, they apparently exist the US as well. God save the President and this fine country!