Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday.

One more random fact about me - I love rock music, especially all things Eddie Vedder. (Random fact about Vedder - he grew up splitting time between two great cities, San Diego and Chicago. Sound familiar?)

If you are presently in your late twenties to mid forties, then you remember Pearl Jam being a key fixture of 90s rock. This past fall Pearl Jam released a DVD and CD soundtrack for their twentieth anniversary. Pearl Jam Twenty tells the story of the past twenty years through their live music performances. Produced by another San Diego local and fellow music lover, Cameron Crowe, the film is filled with riveting performances, and after watching the movie I feel vested in Pearl Jam's rare, continued success. Each of the members and the band as a whole have been through so much in those twenty years and it is a feat that they are still together.

Lately I have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat - especially the first song, Release (above). If any Pearl Jam album was permanently in your tape/CD deck, or even if you are just a fan of classic rock or enduring bands, you have to watch this film. Let me know what you think...

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