Sunday, December 18, 2011


My blog obsession started a few months ago and has grown exponentially and quickly. At first I followed the fashion blogs with outfit posts for inspiration. Then I was introduced to a few great design blogs. Then it was recipes, many of which I have tried and they were YUMMY! Every new one I read, and I like, leads to at least one more that I read and I like, which leads to at least one more... You get the idea.

Originally I had a tab on my bookmarks bar that had links to all of the blogs I would read. It was a little annoying, especially when the list got so long that I would have to scroll down. Then I discovered Bloglovin'...

Game changer. I LOVE this website. It has allowed me to read ALL of my blogs in an organized fashion (I am very organized in my reading of blogs, emails, etc.), introduced me to new blogs, and allowed me to save posts that I love for later reference (the wallpaper that was amazing, the recipes that I wanted to try, etc.). So if you like reading blogs then give it a try. It is free. What do you have to lose?

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