Monday, December 12, 2011


Nothing short of amazing. I am so addicted that it is not even funny. It is like itunes, combined with Pandora, integrated with FB, with a dash of soundcloud. If you have not discovered it yet you are seriously missing out. Here are a few tips to get the most out of it (p.s. Can you tell that I am currently in outlining mode - thank you finals.):

1. Go Premium. It is $9.99/month and you get no commercials, access to extra music, and you can sync all your playlists on your mobile for playback (even when you don't have wifi - i.e. the plane). Best $9.99 I spend a month.

2. Check out what your friends are listening to. You can allow FB to import your friend list and check out what they are listening to. I have a few friends with amazing taste in music. I now "stalk" what they are listening to.
BUT: Please disable the broadcast on FB feature. While I love to find out what some people are listening to. I do not want a FB update every time you listen to something. Especially if you listen to bad music.

3. Listen to Artist Radio. When you search for an artist and click on their name you get tabs at the top of the page. On the right should be artist radio. Great way to listen to a similar genre (i.e. Kaskade for studying) and discover new artists.

4. Discover Other Great Artists. When you search for an artist, the top of the page will display similar artists. Go ahead. Click on them. Check them out.

5. Share your playlists. My friend Long | Distance | Drunk has been creating monthly playlists for a long time. He shares them on spotify. The best thing about this - You aren't getting in trouble with the government for pirated music because as long as it is on spotify and you have premium (see above) you can have a local file on your computer of the song (or on your mobile).

I also have created a few great playlists. I generally create three for each semester to get me through studying (according to the subject and time of day). You can listen to my chill, dance, or rock mixes.

And yes. I do listen to, and subscribe to, cw mixes. And I watch the shows. cw has one of the most AMAZING music departments on network television. I will gladly admit to my love of the cw. Even at age 29.

What are you currently addicted to, music wise? I am always down to discover new, good music.

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