Thursday, December 22, 2011

Suri's Christmas List.

Clover coffee machine.
A complete set of Lenox china in the Pearl Platinum setting (for the treehouse)
Chanel No. 22 Classic Parfum — stocking stuffer.
Whatever iPhone case Victoria Beckham has.
A miniature horse.
A regular-sized horse.
A Tiffany horseshoe pendant in diamonds and rose gold to wear while riding either horse.
Enough CROX stock so I can burn the company to the ground. (Figuratively.)
The complete series of Mad Men on Blu-Ray, plus a lunch date with Matthew Weiner to discuss my ideas for next season.
I’d like to have a U.S. Senator in my pocket. Preferably not a freshman. Preferably on the Appropriations Committee.
The Missoni for Target bicycle — I don’t know how this became a status symbol, but it did and so I want one.
A long weekend at George Clooney’s villa on Lake Como, including yacht access. Not including Katie Holmes.
Real estate is also always nice, too.

This website consistently makes me laugh... And who doesn't like laughing? :)

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