Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mannequin Challenge.

Britt over at Secondhand Magpie gave a few bloggers a challenge - The Mannequin Challenge. We were supposed to try on a full look that a mannequin wears and then pose like the mannequin. Below is my answer:

*Proof that I am not afraid of posting an embarrassing picture of myself.

This was on a mannequin at The Closet, a store that is similar to Forever 21 with a few locations in San Diego. I was shopping by myself and the salesgirl wouldn't let me bring the accessories into the dressing room, hence the lack of a hat, necklace and armband. They truly would have made the outfit, don't you think?

The pants are the worst pants I have ever tried on in my life. I could not adjust the pants so that it didn't look like I had a camel toe. Classy, I know. The tank top is a "burnout" material and I actually bought the coral top. When it is buttoned up and not split open to show a crotch shot it is actually really cute. Perfect for Coachella next weekend. I'll take pics to show - I promise.


  1. Haha! Such a great idea! I think I will be trying this idea! :)

    A Sigh and Sanity

  2. Hi Marcie,

    Your blog is fantastic! I just checked it out and added it to my bloglovin' :)

    p.s. I love your review of Pops (over here we call them soda). I have a slight addiction with Dr. Pepper :)