Sunday, April 29, 2012


Now that I get to move into my own place (for the first time), I am planning the placement of everything to a T. I have always lived with roomies who had the living room and kitchen stuff. The plus side is that I now get to pick it all out and make sure that it all comes together. The negative is that I now have to buy it all.

When deciding on a coffee table, I looked to craigslist for an old steamer trunk and found this beauty: 

Which used to be advertised here:

Awesome, right? Want to know what's even more awesome? I was playing phone tag with the seller (who was selling it for $100) when my mother told me that she had a trunk just like that. It was my great-grandmother's and was sitting in the corner of her bedroom. When I asked if I could use it, she said go ahead. So now here is my new heirloom coffee table:

I will put a piece of glass on the top of it to protect it, of course, but I was going to do that regardless of the trunk I used. Yay for my score! I save $100 and I get a heirloom piece from my great-grandmother :)

Thanks Madre!


  1. Beautiful! If you are buying new things online, make sure to use ebates. I think Macys has 6% cash back right now (kitchen stuff?). Also, Kimmy Muehleisen lived in Chicago for several years, not sure where she is now but I can give you her cell #. -Andrea

  2. that trunk is awesome! i love trunks used as coffee tables.