Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some News.

I am moving from this skyline:

To this skyline:

Kinda similar, right? But worlds apart.

I am leaving San Diego to move to Chicago in 4 weeks for a 16-month term clerkship. This is a quick move and I am super stoked about it!

Because it is so quick, I am also going to try to answer the questions I get on repeat:

1. You know it's cold there, right?
Um, yes. I am well aware that it is called the Windy City and have been briefed on the opinion that the city is only livable 4 months of the year. However, people live there year-round so I think this refutes that opinion. And to my ability to live in cold weather - Do you people forget that I have spent months in Switzerland in the winter with J? If I can handle the Swiss Alps, then I can handle Chicago.

2. You are going to get fat. The food there is SO good.
(More of a comment than a question, but I feel it still deserves a response)
Similar response to #1. San Diego has phenomenal food and I am not Roseanne Barr, therefore, I think I will be able to handle to Chicago food. I am not a fan of deep dish pizza, I prefer thin. I also don't think I will be eating in all the fancy restaurants. I do have student loans people.

3. What are you going to do about the bar? 
I am not taking the California Bar this summer so I could take this job. I think I am going to try to take the Illinois bar next July (so I have plenty of time to prepare). I am going to talk to the judge I am working with and get feedback from others to see if this is doable. Then when I return to California after the position, I will take the February California Bar. It is scary to delay everything but I think barbri does a great job at preparing everyone so I am trusting them :)

4. What about J?
He is still in Switzerland so this makes travel so much easier!!! Yay!

5. Can I come and visit?
Yes!!! The more the merrier. I know 2 people in Chicago and I have never stepped foot outside the airport so I am accepting all applications for visitors and tour guides. I just locked down a lease for my own apartment in Wrigleyville so I can have visitors whenever I please without pissing off a roommate :)

That being said, if anyone has any tips, places to visit, things to do, friends I could borrow, please send them my way! I am SO excited for this opportunity and am like a sponge - ready to soak up Chicago!

Also, if you know of anyone playing soccer in Chicago, let me know. I am looking for a team.

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  1. Oh my gosh!! That's awesome!! I have a lot of family in Chicago so I may be seeing you in the next few months! Wrigleyville is awesome, lots of young singles and young professionals. The bars and restaurants are awesome. You picked on the best parts of the city to live in! You may want to brush up on your hockey. It's huge there, and the Blackhawks make it to the playoffs every year. You should get familiar with the "L" which is the city rail. It's super useful, cheap and beats driving in the cold. And you can get just about everywhere on it. 99% of downtown is incredibly dangerous at night, so taking extra precautions is a good idea.