Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Lil Different.

Yes, I am fully aware my style - with clothes, interior design, my career, my life - is a lil different.

When my boss was picking the design of our new office there was a Benjamin Moore paint wheel in his office. We conversed about what color he was leaning towards and what the look of the office would be. A post-it was marking a color that I had just chosen for my bedroom. I wondered if he had picked the same color and I was so excited that I may get the same color in my office - turned out, I was not even close. Our office ended up being warm colors. I am not a fan of warm colors. I am a cool colors kinda girl.

Anyways, the point of my rambling was that we then went over the colors I had just chosen for my house and I informed him that I had just chosen a dark blueish-grey for an accent wall. After informing him what an accent wall was and showing him the color, he called me goth.

I had never been called goth before. But after pondering the thought, I figured I am kinda goth.

My style can be best described as an eclectic mix of modern, clean lines with vintage, random pieces. The color base is always black and white, with the walls generally lighter and the furniture generally being black.

However, I was just cleaning my apartment when I saw the below set-up...

Who else has a picture of their family next to flowers, next to an architect's lamp, next to a black human skull, all above books from Virgil, Warren Buffet and other books about styling your home and American law and jurisprudence? Only this girl, that's who.

Okay... My style is a lil different. But I love it!

p.s. The ugly brown curtains is the background are going to go away. Those are not my style.

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  1. Very cool! I was in Durango, CO a few months back and there was a guy who was selling hundreds of carved skulls made from different types of crystal and rock. There is nothing wrong with being a little different :)