Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Name Is Lauren And I Love Sports.

Tom Boy. Guys' Girl. Whatever you want to call it. I love sports and I am not ashamed of that.

I scream at the TV. In fact, my office learned to leave me alone and ignore the screams from my office during an important USA event at the Olypmics this past summer.

I know all of the NFL referee signals...

No, that is not a new dance. They are (i) Holding; (ii) Illegal Contact; and (iii) Loss of Down.

And my Sundays consist of constantly refreshing my phone to check my fantasy football team, while flipping between many games on my NFL Sunday ticket or scanning the TV screens at Goose Island Brewery (right around the corner).

And when my Chargers (or any of my other teams) lose, I look something like this...

But I also get the most satisfaction from playing sports. I believe that playing team sports as a child instilled many important values in me and taught me vital lessons about teamwork. I feel stronger when I play sports. I am smarter when I am regularly playing sports. I am happier when I am regularly playing sports.

Right now I am unable to play for a month because of a sports injury (par for the course). But these women just made my night and continue to inspire me... As of right now, they are leading China 3-1.


What inspires you? What makes you stronger? Happier?

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  1. What a gal. You inspire your momma. <3