Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh-Twelve Goals.

Resolutions sound so... resolute. So black or white, you kept it or you didn't. I prefer goals. Things you work towards, not things you break. You don't break goals, you break resolutions.

With that said... Here are the goals that I have been working on since September that I just reworked:

1. Become a more consistent runner. I run when I have time. I need to work on making the time.
2. Straighten hair more & dress up more. Getting the keratin treatment has really helped me manage my hair. Now I just have to keep it up :)
3. Watch less TV. I always have it running in the background. I need to turn it off and allocate my time better.
4. Read more. More than law books. Read books of my own choice.
5. Cuss less. I have the mouth of a trucker and I need to quit. It is not ladylike and will not help with the professional image.
6. See my faves at least once a month. I need to do a better job at seeing ALL of my friends more often.
7. Never give up but play it smart. I have been working towards so many things and I need to just keep the faith while working hard AND smart.
8. Get a job I love. This year will bring graduation from law school and the CA bar. I have to work on the next step... Securing a job I love in a tough market.
9. Get a new car. I have had my 1999 Tacoma since 1999... I love Toby but it is about time for an update. Just need #8 so I can get #9.
10. Get my own apartment. In line with #8 and #9. Mostly so I can decorate it and have a place that is 100% mine.


  1. I dig it! And made similar goals, #s 1,4,5, & 8!
    My #1 was slightly different working towards signing up for half marathons ;-)
    And about 5, coulnt agree more. I actually started "cleanly up" towards the end of 2011..so hopefully it sticks!
    Cheers my dear friend- we are off to a fabulous 2012!

  2. How terrible been out of school a few weeks, sorry about the typos: *couldn't & * cleaning...lol. Happy New Year.